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Ringer Formwork Solutions

Ringer Formwork

RINGER offers formwork for any project type, concrete task and any application.Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.


RINGER formwork products make work safer, easier, more efficient and more profitable and are among the safest and most reliable on the market.

The features of using Ringer Formwork are :

  • Solutions for all types of concreting tasks or application

  • Safer, easier and more efficient

  • Intelligent accessories to simplify and speed up the workflow

Wall Formwork from Bin Salim

Wall Formwork

Solutions for a strong, quick and reliable system for sites with or without a crane.

A thoughtfully developed, intelligent formwork system. Strong and big but surprisingly light. For any size and kind of construction site.

Slab Formwork from Bin Salim

Slab Formwork

RINGER Slabs are designed for fast and easy concreting of large areas of slab. Can be moved with crane, fork and trolley. A practical constructional design makes our tables flexible and quick to adapt to requirements of layout, height and floor thickness.

Column Formwork from Bin Salim

Column Formwork

PAX is a complete ready-to use column formwork unit. No separate lose parts are required.  .
Cost-effective quick solution: just unfasten the row of bolts, open and shut again – ready to use. No dismantling is required, only cleaning – PAX is ready for the next pour!  

H20 Beams from Bin Salim

H20 Beams

Solid wood web.

Shock-resistant protection cap. According to EN 13377 and EN 13353.

Dimensionally stable.

Laminated with high-grade glue.

Low weight

Easy recycling.

Platforms from Bin Salim


RINGER platforms can be used as working, protection and climbing platforms. Our products are of the highest quality can answer all of your demands.

Props for Formworks from Bin Salim
Props for Formworks from Bin Salim
Props for Formworks from Bin Salim


A range of Ringer Props for a variety of applications.

For any other details, feel free to write to us...

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