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Hilti : Welcome


BSE and Hilti complete over 45 years of Partnership !!

Bin Salim Enterprises LLC is associated with Hilti for over forty five years and is the authorized distributor of Hilti products and solutions in Oman.

With a well setup team of Engineers, Aftermarket Teams, and support staff, Hilti offers you a range of solutions from Measuring Tools to Drilling and Demolition and much more. 


We supply a full range of spares and provide excellent after sales service for the below product categories :

Hilti Drill Machine in Bin Salim Showroom

1. Measuring Systems

Measuring Systems
Laser Range Meters for measuring

Laser Range Meters

Multi-Directional Lasers for measuring

Multi-Directional Lasers

Rotating Lasers for measuring

Rotating Lasers

Detection Systems for measuring

Detection Systems

How many measurements will you take today ?

Watch the video for a perfect solution for you...

2. Drilling and Demolition

Drilling and Demolition
Rotary Hammers for Drilling and Demolition

Rotary Hammers

Combihammers for Drilling and Demolition


Breakers for Drilling and Demolition


Efficient Solutions for Drilling and Demolition

Watch the video on our demolition tools...

3. Cordless Systems

Cordless Systems

Cordless Rotary Hammers

Drills, Impact Drivers and Wrenches

Hilti Cordless Systems include cordless rotary hammers, drills, impact drivers and wrenches

We have already gone wireless but what about cordless ?

Watch the video for a perfect solution for you...

4. Diamond Coring

Diamond Coring
Diamond Drilling Tools in Diamond Coring Solutions

Diamond Drilling Tools

Diamond Consumables in Diamond Coring Solutions

Diamond Consumables

Our unmatched Diamond Coring solutions for you...

5. Direct Fastening

Direct Fastening
Direct Fastening Battery Actuated Fastening Tool BX-3

Battery Actuated Fastening Tool BX-3

Direct Fastening Digitally Enabled Fully Automatic Powder Actuated Tool DX-5

Digitally Enabled Fully Automatic Powder Actuated Tool DX-5

For Pros who want to perform

This video is for you ...

6. Anchor System

Anchor Systems
Chemical Anchor Systems

Chemical Anchors

Mechanical Anchor Systems

Mechanical Anchors

Quicker and Efficient Solutions for you

Watch the video to get an overview...

7. Firestop and Fire Protection System

Firestop Solutions
Firestop Sealants from Bin Salim

Firestop Sealants

Firestop Foams from Bin Salim

Firestop Foams

Firestop Mortars from Bin Salim

Firestop Mortars

Construction Foams from Bin Salim

Construction Foams

Dispensers from Bin Salim


From Hidden Hazards to Legal Requirements 

Hilti Firestop solutions has you covered...

8. Installation Systems

Installation Systems
Installation Channel

Installation Channel

Fixing Accessories

Fixing Accessories

Pipe Rings

Pipe Rings

Convenience, Productivity and Safety

Taking your Installations to the next level...


Bin Salim and HILTI aftermarket service for lifetime

Outstanding Services for a product lifetime. The unique service package.

Hilti tools are built to last. But if a defect occurs, Hilti will take care of it, quickly and professionally, completely free of charge, for up to 2 years from the date of purchase.

For any other details, feel free to write to us...

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