Epiroc Excavator on a site in action


Epiroc is your partner for mining, infrastructure and natural resources equipment. We’re excited to build on proven expertise and performance with the same people and a bold new drive to make what's good even better.

We provide the below solutions as well as aftermarket support :

The PowerROC T35 Epiroc Drill Rig parked at Bin Salim Headquarters

PowerROC T35

With high penetration rate and COP Logic system, the PowerROC T35 delivers the performance and power you need in construction operations, aggregate and limestone quarries.

Epiroc FlexiROC T35 drill rig

FlexiROC T35

FlexiROC T35 is a flexible and versatile tophammer drill rig, developed and designed for high performance in demanding construction applications and medium size quarrying jobs.

Predator oil and gas drilling rig

Predator Oil and Gas Drilling Rig

The Predator drilling system is a unique package that applies innovation and proven
new technology to exploration and
production drilling.

1. Drill Rigs

​Dimension Stone equipment

Dimension Stone

Exploration Drill Rigs
Exploration Drill
Face Drill Rigs

Face Drill Rigs

Oil and Gas Drill Rigs

Oil and Gas Drill

Surface Drill Rigs
Surface Drill Rigs
Well Drilling Rigs

Well Drilling Rigs

2. Loaders and Trucks

  • Electric and Diesel Loader

  • Continuous Loaders

  • Diesel Trucks

A range of Loaders and Trucks available at Bin Salim

3. Rock Reinforcement

Rock Bolting Rigs
Rock Bolting Rigs
Cable Bolting Rigs

Cable Bolting Rigs

Concrete Spraying

Concrete Spraying

Grouting Equipment

Grouting Equipment

4. Rock Drilling Tools

Tophammer  Drilling Tools


Drilling Tools

Down-the hole Drilling Tools

Down-the hole
Drilling Tools

​Rotary Drilling Tools

Rotary Drilling

​Horizontal Drilling Tools

Drilling Tools

For any other details, feel free to write to us...

Handheld  Equipment



Exploration Drilling Tools

Drilling Tools

Ground Support Rock Drilling Tools

Ground Support

Geotechnical Drilling Tools

Drilling Tools